The 21 Challenge

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Being homeless means young people have many challenges to overcome, particularly over the winter months.

In supporting homeless and at-risk young people, what challenge will you choose to overcome for 21 days?


  • 21 Days In An Armchair
  • 21 Days, No Car
  • 21 Days, No Human Contact
  • 21 Days, Same Clothes


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 Here's some more ideas for you or your group:

  • Get a group of work buddies to walk every lunch time for 21 minutes, over 21 days
  • Fast during business hours (or even just lunch) every day, for 21 days
  • Wear the same shoes every day (might be harder for some than others!)
  • Wear a touch of pink
  • Wear an item of clothing from an Op Shop, every day, for 21 days
  • Bring back show-and-tell! Get people in your organisation/school giving lunch time presentations every day, for 21 days - starting with you!
  • Ladies, no waxing for 21 days / Guys, no shaving for 21 days
  • Give up chocolate, sugar or meat for 21 days
  • No make-up for 21 days!
  • Buy a stranger a coffee every day, for 21 days
  • No reality TV (or trash TV) talk for 21 days
  • No footy (or sport) talk for 21 days
  • No coat for 21 days
  • Wear thongs every day, for 21 days
  • Sleep on the couch for 21 days
  • No seats in the boardroom for 21 days
  • Wear something in your hair, or a bad wig, for 21 days
  • Only eat raw food!
  • 21 days with no fast food
  • No wine (or alcohol) for 21 days
  • No elevators or lifts - take the stairs for 21 days
  • 21 days of lunchtime karaoke
  • Swap your lunch with a co-worker every day, for 21 days
  • No take-away coffee cups for 21 days
  • Don't use plastic bags for 21 days
  • No cutlery for 21 days!
  • Partake in 21 hours of volunteering, over 21 days
  • Learn something new every day, for 21 days
  • Dress like a superhero for 21 days!
  • No dining out for 21 days
  • Take your lunch to work with you, every day, for 21 days (think of the money you'll save!)
  • No swearing
  • No eating at your desk for 21 days
  • Random acts of kindness - give someone a compliment, or do something nice for someone else - every day, for 21 days
  • Be punctual to meetings, catch-ups, everything - for 21 days
  • Only refer to people by nickname
  • Lunch time office Wii Olympics competitions
  • Learn a sentence in a different language each day
  • Try learning a new dish to cook, every day for 21 days
  • Introduce yourself to someone new each day and learn something about them

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