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Fundraising tips

Tips on asking for sponsorship

Nervous about asking for donations for the 21Challenge?  Don’t be! 

Here are some helpful tips on the best way to approach the question:

  • Show them how easy it is to donate by showing them our user-friendly app.
  • Start asking for sponsorships as early as possible! If you leave it too late someone else will get in first!
  • Start with your friends, family, co-workers… even your local coffee guy.
  • Do you know the number 1 reason why people donate to charities? - Because they were asked, don’t be shy.
  • Kick start your fundraiser by giving yourself a donation! Others will see this a follow suit.
  • Get fired up!... be enthusiastic… its infectious.
  • Get your head around the issue, know what cause you are supporting and why.  Visit
  • Explain what you are giving up and why.
  • Inject a bit of humour and personality into your statement.
  • Use social media, and be sure to send reminders as some people may have missed it or forgotten.

Here are some ways to word your donation request:

“I am giving up all hair styling tools for 21 days. It may not seem like a difficult challenge to you, but it is going to be very difficult for me as I use a straightener every day. All money raised will help Open Family Australia, an organisation that supports homeless and at-risk youth in Australia”

“Have you ever given something up or taken something on for 21 days?!  Well, I am and I would be greatly appreciative if you could help me raise funds for Open Family Australia by sponsoring me in The 21 Challenge”

Ask specifically, "Would you consider a gift for $___."


Fundraising activity ideas

Have your friends and family donated all they can? Now you can sell them things!  Here’s some ideas of some quick and easy activities you can do to boost your fundraising :
  • Clear out your old junk with a garage sale.
  • Get in the kitchen and have a cupcake sale at your workplace or school.
  • What’s that table tennis table doing just sitting there? Hold a tournament and charge an entry fee.
  • Hold a morning tea.
  • How about a good old fashion guess the number of jelly beans in the jar? It’s still a winner!
  • Hold a clothes swap with your friends. Ask your friends to donate all their unwanted clothes, and then sell them to each other for a few dollars each. Hey presto - new wardrobe!
  • Hold a book/DVD/CD/computer games swap day at your workplace or school – ask your friends and colleagues to bring in their unwanted books/DVDs/CDs/computer games throughout the week. At the end of the week have a stall with them all!


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