The 21 Challenge

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Challenge yourself, your friends or your workmates

The 21 Challenge is an online fundraising challenge that runs in June every year to support homeless youth in Australia though Open Family Australia’s Outreach Programs. 2013 is its fourth year.

In order to participate, you need to choose a challenge. Unlike other similar challenges you are not directed what to do - such as give up alcohol or grow facial hair - you can decide on a personal challenge or be challenged to do something by friends, family or workmates.

The challenge is all about something you will do – or give up – for 21 days. It can be something that expresses who you are or something you are challenged to do, such as:

  • A chocoholic could give up chocolate.
  • Someone who always wear makeup, can go 21 days without.
  • You could go for 21 days without your car.
  • 21 days in the same clothes!
  • Random acts of kindness to 21 different people, over 21 days.

Anything you can think of for 21 days.

How to get involved

The 21 Challenge will run in June each year. June 21st is the longest night on the streets in Australia for homeless youth. You can get involved and help us continue to support these young people - simply register your 21 Challenge and you're on your way!


You will be provided with:
  • A personalised fundraising page.
  • The option to set a fundraising target and have a thermometer that shows your fundraising progress.
  • A board where friends and family can post messages of support.
  • A space for images and videos.
  • Access to The 21 Challenge mobile app (Android & iPhone).


You can log into your account at any time to view who has sponsored you, what messages have been posted on your board and send thank you e-cards to your sponsors.  You also have the ability to upload photos, video and messages.

Register now.  It takes only five minutes and you'll be on the way to securing your first donation.

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