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Bag of Groceries

$     25 feeds a young person


Homeless and at-risk young people are in a high risk category of low food security and do not have enough food to eat each week. Food insecurity is associated with poor health and insidiously exacerbates other health issues. Your donation of $25 will go towards food and food vouchers that are distributed to young people by Open Family Australia Outreach workers as well as our mobile youth outreach services, The Chatterbox and NOSH, in Melbourne and Sydney.


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$     50 comforts a young person


All year round young people living on the streets do so without the comfort of a bed, blankets or pillows. Open Family Australia distributes sleeping bags to homeless young people through its Outreach workers and The Chatterbox buses in Melbourne and Sydney. Your donation of $50 will enable Open Family Australia to purchase a sleeping bag, providing comfort to a young person sleeping on the streets.


 Monopoly house

$   100 shelters a young person


Many at-risk and homeless young people are unable to access emergency accommodation in times of crisis. Such accommodation is scarce and your donation of $100 will provide a night of emergency accommodation when there are no other beds available.



$   300 educates a young person


Education is a vital component of a young person’s ability to improve their personal circumstance however, the costs of education can often burden families who are already living on or below the poverty line which often results in young people not being able to access the resources they need. As well as making it difficult for young people to participate, not having the required tools isolates disadvantaged young people from their peers. Providing disadvantaged young people with books and stationery for school increases the likelihood that they will continue with their education and assists to minimise disadvantage and discrimination. Your donation of $300 will provide a young person with the necessary books and stationery to help them stay in school.


 first aid kit

$   500 improves a young person's health


Regular and structured physical activity provides young people with a foundation for positive health outcomes, a constructive outlet for frustration and boredom and the development of sporting skills. Team sport promotes co-operation and allows young people to compete against their peers on the basis of skill and fitness, rather than economic or cultural circumstance. At-risk young people are often not able to participate in organised sport due to financial circumstances and your donation of $500 will provide a young person with fees, uniforms and equipment to participate in a sporting program for a year.



$1,000 provides mobile outreach

The Chatterbox bus provides a focal point for street frequenting youth which is mobile and able to go to where young people are, providing high quality services including the distribution of  material aid such as food and drinks, clothing and blankets, as well as providing referrals to service providers, counselling and supplying health and welfare information.  In addition, each service has wireless internet facilities and computers.  Outreach workers are available to link in with the volunteers to ensure a responsive service when clients need ongoing intensive support. Your donation of $1,000 will assist with the running of the buses in Melbourne and Sydney and with the purchase of material aid.

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$2,000 provides assertive outreach


Homeless and at-risk young people are some of the most vulnerable and marginalised people in our society and require early intervention to help them survive this critical time in their young lives. Issues including family conflict, poverty, violence and physical and sexual abuse are all significant factors in why young people either leave home, or are forced to leave. Open Family Australia Outreach workers are proactive in going to where young people are to seek out those in need, rather than waiting for them to come to us. We engage with young people to link them to services which can help them connect back into a supportive environment and a healthy community. Your donation of $2,000 will provide assertive outreach to at-risk and homeless young people for a week.


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